On March 21st at 16:00 in bookshop cafe at Radio Television a meeting with the novelist Daria Galant will take place. The author will present and discuss her latest collection of poems, „Slavic Mermaid”.

On the same day, there will be the International Day of Poetry. This is an excellent opportunity both to bring the person and the work of Daria Galant closer to you, as well as to discuss the role and importance of the poet in the modern world.

The meeting will be led by Karolina Żebrowska, the author of the blog The Carolina 's Book.

On this day you can RECEIVE A DISCOUNT! Recite a selected excerpt from one of Daria Galant’s poem available in the bookshop and receive a 20% discount on coffee.

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DARIA GALANT – Novelist, playwright, director. She creates a moral, sensational, psychological and poetic literature containing fantastic plots. She is the author of a documentary, artistic and contemplative films.



Karolina Żebrowska – creative head, full of ideas and inspiration. Addicted to books, sushi and vanilla chai latte. A marketer by education, passionate photographer and blogger.



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