Recognized by critics as one of the most versatile and talented Polish writers of the young generation – Daria Galant – returns to the publishing market with an ambitious publication. She proposes to the readers a collection of poems entitled „Slavic Mermaid”. The book is now available in the best bookstores.

For many lovers of literature, the name of Daria Galant is probably associated with romantic prose, with great feelings and a dark secret. This was the character of her last novel, The House of the Winds (2016) and earlier books: „Opposto Sisters” (2008) and „Południca” (2005). Meanwhile, Daria Galant began her artistic career with poetry, as evidenced by the „Lilith” published in 2007 – a collection of poems from her teenage years. Now, the author returns to the roots, presenting her second poetic volume – „Slavic Siren” in which she gives voice to a mature woman who boldly talks about a certain amount of experience.

This is mainly a poetry about pain, loss, hatred, but expressed in a gentle tone. As Dr. Agnieszka Kuniczuk-Trzcinowicz writes in the introduction to the volume: „Daria is interested in survival, a moment that defines the interior of a human being shapes its existence. There is no nurturing of hatred or bitter experiences of life failures in these works […] We find in them a wise focus on the human interior. ”

Complicating human feelings Daria Galant presents against the background of nature, which is an important element of her entire work, especially the river – a symbol of passing away. In addition to nature, folk and mystery are the topics to which the author constantly returns and we find them also in the „Slavic Mermaid”. The very title of the volume refers to folklore, which is very meaningful to Galant, but it has a literary meaning for her, not an ethnographic one. Recalling it in her work, she wants to remind all her readers that it is the basis for our imagination.